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The answer is no. By performing self-adjustments on your spine can be satisfying temporarily, but over time it may lead to instability and further inflammation at the joints, muscle stiffness, and speeding up the degeneration process (wear and tear) , therefore posing a risk of developing arthritis and other conditions.

Chiropractic care is suitable for all ages, including young children and the elderly.

Depending on the duration and severity of your condition, how well your body responds to the treatment, past health records, and daily lifestyle. Some may need 4-6 sessions but some may be more. Our chiropractors will provide the best-personalized treatment care to help you from pain relief care to wellness care to prevent your conditions from returning which may affect your daily lifestyles. 

Everyone responds differently. It is common to experience minor side effects like soreness, headache, or tiredness for a few days after chiropractic adjustments. 

Whether you are in the 1st or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, it is advisable to start chiropractic care as early as possible. Through Webster Technique, it may help to prepare your body to adapt to hormonal, biomechanical, and postural changes, as well as provide the optimal environment for the baby to grow and move better.

Not necessarily. Our chiropractors will refer you to do so if it is needed after going through history taking and physical assessment. You may bring along your previous imaging, if you have one to help us understand your condition more.


Price is from RM 110 or above depending on your condition and treatment needed. Elderly (60 years old & above) & Children (12 years old & below) are entitled concession rate.

The first visit usually takes about 40 -45 minutes including consultation and treatment. Consultation is compulsory for all new patients as our chiropractors need to know about your condition and past medical records, as well as performing the necessary physical assessments to provide the best treatment for your condition.

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